The AmigosCam is a collaborative effort  between Stanford University, California, NSIDC Boulder, Colorado, The University of Wisconsin, Madison and IAA/DNA Argentina.
The AmigosBerg was located off the eastern peninsula cape of Antarctica at 65 12.9S 57 59.2W on March 5th 2006.
Read more about the mission at system deployment by the team.

where is the AmigosBerg? AmigosCam at site AmigosBerg from aircraft
Where is AmigosBerg?
The AmigosCam
AmigosBerg seen from aircraft
New pictures uploaded @ 1530 GMT, Today is  Saturday, 03-Dec-2016 00:15:33 GMT
AmigosBerg position Yesterday was4827.4089S 03745.1025W
AmigosBerg position Today is4824.1250S 03725.4390W
Amigos wander combo plots

pos3 pos4
looking straight down at the solar panels
pos 2
pos 3
pos 4
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