The PenguinCam is a collaborative effort  between
Stanford University, University of Chicago and University of Wisconsin, Madison.
It is located on iceberg B15K and was deployed 12/04/04 at 76  55.685S 167 02.451E in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.

(deployed by M.Szundy, C.Mazur, E. Stockard)
where is the PenguinCam?
PenguinCam from the air

Today is Wednesday, 24-May-2017 19:28:20 GMT
New pictures uploaded @ 1900 GMT

Left of Beaufort Island Far left edge Beaufort Island Edge of Beaufort Island Across to Beaufort Island
B15K Tip
Mt Erebus and Mt Bird
Beaufort Island Beaufort Island
Beaufort Island
B15K Tip
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